Regular Flower Company is a collaboration of the bond created in combat and the youthful spirit that lives within us all. Creating skat,hip-hop and military influenced clothing and skateboards. We want to make Regular gear with quality handpicked fabrics designed by us. When we were in the service we connected through skating, hip hop, fashion, and all things a like. We dreamt up this idea for Regular Flower Co. on the principal that, just because regularity is not uncommon this does not mean that it cannot be extraordinary, wonderful and great. Greatness is often overlooked and discarded. Regular flour company would be a movement that set out to inspire people to look for the greatness around them and most importantly within. We hope to be more than just a clothing company Skate brand or any label. Those labels set boundaries and we want to tear them down. The Daisy while unsuspecting and very common is actually quite an extraordinary flower. Cultures use a daisy to symbolize purity in new beginnings. Daisies have also been used to bind sword wounds in battle by the Romans. Children also use them to make daisy chains for a game. Even we had a very efficient common working plan called the daisy chain in the Marines. We hope to show all the extraordinary joy within.